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Changing The Past
Chapter 5: The Evil Island

Johnny Cage basked in the warm sunshine that shone over the island that the tournament was to be held on. They hadnít slept well, since they had spent all night searching for Sonya. But she was nowhere to be found, and Eric looked so worried. He stared at the island wearily. Liu was the next person to come on shore. He looked at the island.

"Wow." He said in awe. "Just like in the legends." Eric glanced at Johnny questionably, but he just shrugged. The group of warriors started drifting forwards. The three were tempted to follow, but Johnny pointed out that Sonya had to have been on the boat so they should wait to see if she comes onshore.

"Heís gotta point." Eric stared at the huge boat. Suddenly a very tall man stepped out of the boat. He walked down the plank and stared at the three of them.

"You three should go with the others."

"Not until you tell me where Sonya is." Eric growled. The man smiled and then laughed. It was more wicked then anything Johnny had ever hear before.

"Iím Shang Tsung, the leader of this tournament. I know nothing of your friend, Sonya." But the three werenít fooled, for the look in his eyes told them absolutely the opposite.

"Look, ass hole, you better tell me where Sonya is before I cut your head off!" Eric looked so furious. Shang Tsung lost his amused look.

"You are in no position to order me around, Eric. Now get up into my castle. Or do you need my guards to escort you?" Five guards appeared and flanked the group of warrios.

"We might as well go, guys, thereís nothing we can do here." Liu Kang said without taking his eyes off the inhumanly strong guards.

"But what about Sonya?" Johnny and Eric asked at the same time. They looked at eachother in surprise. Liu grabbed their arms and started running towards the castle. The guards and Shang Tsung watched them go.

Sonya woke up, still tied up to her chair. Her arms and legs were sore and her mouth was like cotton. The boat was not moving anymore. Kano was gone, and so was Shang Tsung. She groaned wearily and found that her neck hurt from the position she had been sleeping in. The door to the cabin burst open and Shang Tsung and two guards stepped in. Sonya watched them warily. Shang Tsung cut the cords so that she was free of the chair. He nodded at the two guards.

"Lead her to her sleeping chambers, and if there is so much as a scratch on her, Iíll kill you." He turned and smiled at her. "Donít worry my dear. Once we take you to your room, there will be some refreshments waiting for you." Iíd rather starve then eat any of your disgusting foodshe thought defiantly.

"I know. Donít forget I can read your thoughts, my dear." Good then fuck off he laughed. The guards waited patiently while she rubbed her arms to stop the pain that the cords had left. She rubbed her right arm until it was awake again. The guards, as gently as possible with still being firm, grabbed her arm and lifted her off the chair, The lead her outside. The sunlight felt great and warm against her skin. She couldnít remember the last time she had felt the sun. Down on the shore there where three men standing there. She instantly recognized Eric. The minute she thought that, Shang Tsung looked down. Sonya tried to scream to them, but she still had that horrible gag in her mouth.

"Take her around the back, Iíll take care of them." He said to the guards. "And remember, BE GENTLE."

The guards snuck her off the boat and they began leading her away towards the castle when the gag slipped.

"ERIC!!!!!!" she screamed. But he couldnít hear her. One of the guards put his hand over her mouth and she got a feeling of hopelessness. She watched as they ran away. I have to get out of here! What do I do? The guards opened a secret door into the castle and forced her into it. She could see Shang Tsung following.